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Posted on Oct 7, 2019

L&M Custom Coatings L.L.C.

Pastel colors are the latest trend in interior decorations, therefore you cannot go wrong with shades such as light orange, mint green, sky blue and soft hues of yellow or red. These colors make the best combination when mixed with neutral and creamy hues.

Yellow and orange belong to the same range of warm colors and for that matter, they look great mixed together on the walls of the same room. In order to obtain better results use orange for the walls that you want to optically minimize or to emphasize and yellow for the rest of the walls. These colors are the best choice for rooms with poor or artificial illumination as they capture the light into the room.

Cold shades of colors like blue and green may be warmed up if mixed with neutral shades of aged white and creamy. If, on the contrary, you want your room to have an aerial and fresh look you can opt for a combination between any of the previously named colors and grey. These shades are more appropriate for bedrooms and bathrooms because they create a peaceful effect and they enable you to relax.

Red is usually altered with other colors because it confers an exhausting aspect to your room if used by itself. Ivory and creamy, on the other hand may cool down this color and bring harmony to your rooms.

Do not be afraid to try something new for your home. There are plenty of options you may choose from and the combinations for your walls, ceilings and trim areas are boundless.
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